Pay Per Click Services

Want to yield business just than traffic or rankings?

Pay per Click (PPC) program is an advertising program owned by Google where an advertiser has to pay only when a user clicks on the ads displayed on Google Search / Search Partners or Google Display Network. At Infytech, we understand that for an online business to achieve Search Engine Marketing and pay per click does not end at conveying quality traffic, instead it elongates up to increasing conversion rate and making leads generation online.

Pay Per Click Management Features:

  • Theme guessing
  • Reviewing & Analyzing website
  • Reviewing Competitors
  • Analyze Market Trends & Competition
  • Account Setup (If new)
  • Campaign Setup
  • Geo Targeting
  • Networks
  • Devices
  • Budget
  • CPC / CPA Model
  • Delivery & Scheduling
  • Bid Adjustment Methods (If Required)
  • Ad Groups Creation
  • Sky Scrapping Ad Copies / Custom Ads
  • D.K.I. Ad copies (If Required)
  • Landing Page Search String & calling ID’s Usage
  • Attractive CTA Usage in Ad copies
  • Relevant Keywords insertion via Excel or Ad words Editor
  • Broad / Exact / Phrase Modifiers (If required)
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • CTR Improvement
  • Conversion Tracking & Optimizer
  • AB Split Test
  • Campaign ROI analysis
  • Call Metrics & Impression Share Analysis
  • Audience & Topics Targeting (If Required)
  • Div based LPO’s Creation (HTML + CSS)
  • Goals & Funnel Creation
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • 10+ Tools Usage
  • Spyfu, Ad wrapper, Google Keyword Tool, Discovery, Word tracker
  • Ad words Editor
  • Daily Campaign Analysis
  • Daily Ad Copies & Keywords Analysis
  • Pivot Tables in MS Excel
  • Weekly Reporting with Errors Analysis

Pay Per Click Plans & pricing

Infytech has such a PPC Experts guys who have a vast Experience in Pay Per Click Management system including GAP certification. You will find cheapest PPC services, which are packaged to sanction your Internet marketing plans with the preferred level.

Activities Bronze Plan Silver Plan Gold Plan

PPC Account Setup

Account Setup
Keywords 5000 5000 - 10000 10000 - 20000
Creative Ads Creation
Ad Scheduling Setup
Bid Management Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Conversion Optimization
Setup Time Frame 3Days 3 Days 3 Days
Bid Optimization
Landing Page Reviews
Landing Pages Creation**
Return on Investment (ROI)
Reporting Time Weekly Weekly Daily
Monthly Report

PPC Pricing

Monthly Budget (T&C Apply till 3 months) Minimum $300
(Every month)
Minimum $500
(Every month)
Minimum $700
(Every month)

If you are not sure which best plan suits your own business, please feel free to Contact us. We can help you find the best-customized plan as per your requirements and Business.

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